Hunan Lin Li doctor to fight the patient continued: Dean suspended workers involved in the dismissal

The picture shows the online spread of the doctor to play the patient video
The picture shows the online spread of the doctor to play the patient video. Hunan Linli responded to the "doctors hit the patient" video Xinhua News Agency recently, the Internet circulated a video entitled "doctors to play the patient" video, with documents in Linli County, Hunan Province, a hospital, a female patient to watch the staff to drink when Punched and kicked. Reporter from Linli County Propaganda Department was informed that the dean of the hospital, vice president has been suspended for inspection. The video shows that the incident in a corridor, a black woman knocked on a door, the room out of the man punched and kicked, beaten for nearly 40 seconds, during which someone persuaded unsuccessful. Video distribution, said the incident in Linli County Second People's Hospital. Linli County Party Committee Propaganda Department on the 11th told reporters that the woman was beaten Song Moumou because of "split emotional disorder" on April 30 admitted Linli County Mental Rehabilitation Hospital closed ward. 4 月 3 日 13:30, Song Moumou loudly in the ward, abuse of health care workers and patients, and has repeatedly tapped the nursing staff room door. 13:40 or so, the patient holding the bucket, once again hit the duty room door, on duty nursing workers to open the door to push the ground, then beating. After the incident, the hospital and the parties have apologized to the families of patients. The patient transferred to the open ward to continue treatment, the cost borne by the hospital. The patient was identified by the law as minor injuries. According to reports, Linli County Mental Rehabilitation Hospital Dean, in charge of vice president has been suspended examination, mental rehabilitation department director and head nurse has been removed from office. Hospital and Li Mouqing lifting the labor contract relationship, the local public security has been involved in the investigation.

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