Hunan Lin Li doctor to fight the patient continued: Dean suspended workers involved in the dismissal

The picture shows the online spread of the doctor to play the patient video

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Gang line pirate selling best-selling book network sold half a year to earn millions (Figure)

Lu Mou total sales of more than 300 million pirated books

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President of France: truck raid about 50 wounded "at the moment of life and death"

French President Hollande said the incident was a terrorist attack

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Hangzhou, a workers to dismantle the tower when the suspension was suspended in more than 20 meters high

This worker was left in the air Zheng Wenlong was the first rushed to rescue one of the firefighters

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Net exposure of a bridge in Yunnan collision barrier is the official response to the bubble (Figure)

Second, the bridge anti-collision fence expansion joints are still polystyrene foam construction is not standardized

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Taiwan male college students boast women beauty want to lick the toes were sentenced to criminal detention

Chen surnamed man because of working and get to know the same school students and victims

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Old woman fish thorn card throat forced swallowing aortic risk was punctured

The stew rotten radish fish gulping down

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After the woman quarreled by her boyfriend with a knife crazy carved by the dead to escape

Men want to commit suicide after the sun that Xiao Jie is dead

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Shandong an agricultural tricycle and tractor collision 11 migrant workers were killed

The accident killed nine people on the spot

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Italy earthquake caused landslide blocking channel rescue operations difficult

[# # # 6.1 earthquake in Italy has been caused by 159 people in the rescue operation difficulties] local time 24 morning

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China Huaneng pursuit of Huating coal illegal purchase of general manager was removed from office

Completed the company headquarters office space rectification work

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Mother breastfeeding daughter to 6 years old cited 3000 friends onlookers

We recommend babies to breastfeed after birth for 6 months

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Ching Ming holiday Jeju Island rare Chinese tourists business: sad and helpless

Previously China passport-free Korea Jeju Island has been a popular choice for short-term travel by Chinese tourists

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Typhoon "Nepal" or positive attack on the three "uncertain" unfavorable defense

And on the 8th night before and after landing in the north and south coast of Fujian

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The study says the light pollution is too severe for the Earth 3% of the population can not see the galaxy

Researchers from Italy, Germany, the United States, and Israel have made the most accurate map of global light pollution assessment assessments to date

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Zhejiang Jinhua investigation and tear together to tear up the "green" seal three people were detained

Seal of the three parties were detained Jinhua City Environmental Protection Agency Zhejiang Jinhua investigation with torn up

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Premier Li Keqiang inspected the Longwangmiao section of the Yangtze River

Premier Li Keqiang visited the Longwangmiao section of the Yangtze River

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Rio de Janeiro has not opened the first doping scandal to be exposed

Eight Irish boxers were spotted for doping testing

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Noodle shop owner for 6 days please sanitation workers eat noodles can not bear to eat

I have always asked the sanitation workers to eat the idea of ​​free noodles

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Early snow that is big to Blizzard this situation is rare?

The first snow in Beijing is also rare

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