Foreign media: Saudi Arabia will be sent to the Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft and the army

Turkish Foreign Minister Chavutoulu statement
According to foreign media reported on the 13th, the Turkish Foreign Minister Chavutoulu declared that Saudi Arabia has been prepared to Turkey for the Geely Air Force base to send fighters and the army. "The representative of Saudi Arabia has visited the base for research purposes, and Saudi Arabia has stated its firm attitude towards the Organization of the Islamic Organization and is ready to send jet aircraft and the army," he said in a statement at the Munich Security Conference. "He said that the number of fighters and soldiers dispatched by Saudi Arabia to the Turkish Air Force Base is not yet known. The Turkish Foreign Minister also said that at each meeting against the "Islamic Nations" coalition, the importance of a large-scale struggle strategy with the "Islamic State" terrorist organization and the outcome of the struggle should be emphasized. "If we have such a strategy, then Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be able to carry out ground operations," the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

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